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In business and in life, we believe a team approach is best.  Our goal is to align all advisors and financial institutions that our clients work with, to help create efficiency in their overall financial plan.  This comprehensive philosophy coordinates accountants, attorneys, banks, and other financial managers, making sure they are all working together toward the client's goals.

In addition, we have created a team of financial advisors within Northeast Financial Network, as well as strategic alliances outside of the firm.  Our team of specialists, client associates, and assistants work together to strive for a five star level of value and service.  Any and all questions or concerns can be answered by a professional, and all clients have the ability to speak with a member of our team at any given moment.

Lee Newman

Financial Professional

Scott Alters

Director of Advanced Planning

Thomas Bauman

Director of Investments

David Greenberg, CLTC

Employee Benefits Specialist

Mark Schleifman, CLU

Director Of Life Brokerage