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1150 Raritan Road
Suite 201
Cranford, NJ 07016

Michael Schwartz

(908) 709-0020 x120


Mission Statement


  • Achieve financial success, security, and freedom by:
    • Co-creating your maximum wealth potential
    • Protecting your wealth from threats, risks, and eroding factors


  • Four steps to wealth success:
    1. Maximum wealth protection in all areas
    2. Save 20-30% of gross income every year
    3. Access to one year of gross income in liquid assets
    4. Minimize short term debt costs
  • Macroeconomic organization and balance of your personal economy (Living Balance Sheet®)


  • All recommendations designed to achieve your personal objectives and goals
  • All recommendations made with minimal change to your
    • Lifestyle
    • Ability to save
    • Cash flow
  • Scientific approach: strategies verified by fact, not opinion
  • Plan developed aims to work under all foreseeable circumstances