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Michael Schwartz

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Client Intention Statement


  • Achieve financial security, success, and freedom by:
    • Co-creating your maximum wealth potential
    • Protecting your economy from threats, risks, and eroding factors
    • Having a vision and strategy based in scientific economic principles


  • Steps to wealth success and creating optimal personal economy:
    • Maximum wealth protection in all areas at minimum cost
    • Save 20-30% of gross income every year, in the right places
    • Optimize liquidity to meet financial commitments
    • Manage debt properly
    • Build safe/protected money, and capital growth assets
  • Macroeconomic organization and balance of your personal economy (Living Balance Sheet®)



  • All recommendations designed to achieve your personal objectives and goals
  • All recommendations made with minimal change to your: personal cash flow, lifestyle, ability to save; Will only enhance your future financial outcome
  • Scientific approach: strategies verified by fact, not opinion
  • Plan works under all foreseeable circumstances

Confidentiality, Shared Commitment and Transparency:

  • Confidentiality agreement:
    • All conversations, information, and data is confidential, protected, and secured
    • Intellectual property—permission to share with others
  • Dual commitment: Our work is only as strong as your follow-through; Better health with wealth requires action
    • Our commitment to your success:
      • Make everything as easy as possible for you—just be present for meetings
      • Oversee all parts of your planning
      • Team approach and coordination (My team and your team; specialists)
      • Ongoing service
    • Requires your commitment to yourself:
      • Mutual 100% level of care for your financial success
      • Open communication: honesty, questions, and updates
      • Coachable, open-minded, responsible, willing to follow expert advice
    • In order to avoid charging a fee, if you understand and approve of the strategies we discuss, trust you to implement the recommendations through us
    • Full transparency—my family’s Living Balance Sheet® is open for you to view


Empowering Others:

  • My “why”—Most people get no, little, or terrible advice and are woefully underprepared for their future; Professional mission is to create maximum value for as many people’s financial objectives and success
  • “Pay it forward”—if you find value in our work, would you be open to sharing your experience with the most successful people you know and care about?

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